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40 W LeMoyne Ave Lomard, IL

6 kitchen split 3_LeMoyne Ave Lombard

Stunning total rehab from top to bottom!  Top notch craftsmanship inside and outside on this remodel transforms this outdated single family home into a work of art!  No detail overlooked.  This modern home is now the pride of the neighborhood!

3 living room split 1_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


7 bedroom split 1_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


6 kitchen split 3_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


2 Front Split_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


9 back split_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


10 garage split_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


4 kitchen split 1_LeMoyne Ave Lombard


5 kitchen split 2_LeMoyne Ave Lombard

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